Asquith Magpies Fishing Club is a sport and recreational fishing club' and as such, we rely on the generous support not only from our members but the wider community.


The club would struggle to exist without this support and we are very appreciative and thankful. 


Anything and everything


Simple things: like providing a lift to events, cooking the bbq lunch, providing extra tackle or supplying some camping gear.


Bigger things such as: helping with fundraising - providing a prize - making a donation - providing expertise which the club might otherwise pay for.


All these things and much, much more help to make the Asquith Magpies Fishing Club such an enjoyable place to belong 


To all our supporters - large and small - Thank You from all at Asquith Magpies Fishing Club


If you wish to become a member or if you wish to show your support please contact David


0401 558 598 or email:






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